salt therapy lamp

Being a part of an urbanized living, we’re far from a natural lifestyle. we are more likely to receive the impact of polluted and impure environment which can only be controlled with natural purifiers. That’s why Himalayan Decor International has brought Himalayan salt therapy as solution for you. Because it’s easier to try at home for getting effective results. There are 2 types of salt therapies, highly health beneficial for everyone.

Dry Salt Therapy

Dry salt therapy is also known as Halotherapy which involves man-made environment to provide the benefits of Himalayan salt in dry form. You may heard about salt chambers, salt caves and salt rooms that are specially made to cure respiratory diseases and providence if negative ions.
Well, that was about the conventional sources but you may try dry salt therapy at home by specifying a room for it that contains a heap of Himalayan salt lamps.

Wet Salt Therapy

Go for wet salt therapy which involves rock salt in liquid form. For such therapy, gargling, saline solutions, salt bath, salt scrubbing are the best ways to get 84 essential minerals through the pores of skin. Whereas, drinking sole water is unbeatable in its health benefits.
So, must try both of these easier therapies at home!

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