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To make Himalayan salt product’s sale and purchase a smooth process, Himalayan Decor International is serving the demand on the micro and macro level. We are Pakistan based bulk wholesale supplier of Himalayan rock salt products which ensures the 100% originality of pure natural salt from mountains of Himalayan region. We truly consider the organic significance of this natural substance that’s why we seek safe and secure production.  Our vision is to meet the rising demand of Himalayan salt products by manufacturing health beneficial, useful and trendy salt items which can be easily made a part of your lifestyle.

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Being one of the leading salt exporters in Pakistan, we are dealing with Himalayan salt bulk orders worldwide. With us, it’s feasible to order and get the desired salt product while being anywhere across the world. We as Himalayan salt suppliers in Pakistan are also functional for safe and instant delivery of Himalayan salt. Whether you want to buy for personal concern or need bulk order, we ensure both levels of production and supply chain process.

Himalayan Rock Salt Products Range

As Himalayan salt benefits are the pride of this crystalline natural substance, we manufacture edible himalayan salt products, therapy and household Himalayan salt lamps to gain maximum advantage.