himalayan Salt Lamps

Well, a lamp functions aesthetically to add light and also enlighten the attraction into your interior. But Himalayan salt lamp is much more than a simple lamp. As there are lots of health and environment benefits are involved to promote its use. And if you are about to order one for your interior design then we help to choose regarding the area and usage. Following are the suggestions to keep in mind while selecting a design of salt lamp.



  • Specify the purpose


As salt lamp is something unique and beneficial to become a part of your home, moreover it’s a best thing to gift someone on special day. So, you may consider the fancy looking designs and shapes as present. Whereas, go for small lamps to use as night lamps at your home, miltople designs fully accommodate your needs.



  • Match the lamp design with place


It’s an aspect of designing a sensible interior decor,  so match the designs and sizes of decor accessories according to the space. Here while choosing a salt lamp, keep the idea of area in mind where the lamp is required to be placed. Like a corner of your living area can be highlighted with a large sized salt lamp. Contrarily, your bedside tables will look more accommodating and decent when 2 medium size single pieced-alt lamps will be introduced there.


  1. Consider the nature of use

It;s highly recommended to select a design of salt lamp regarding the nature of its use. If salt lamp is going to enhance the grace of any guest room or drawing area then lamp’s designs having separate chunks will look wonderful. Or a nursery/kid’s bedroom is the place where introduce single pieced salt lamp, avoid lamps having salt chunks which can be removed by kids.



  • Match the quantity with requirement


Salt lamps in smaller shape allow you to illuminate any area or sitting place by inserting them in large quantity. For example a spa room or a sitting in  meditation area can be outlined with small pyramid, oval or round shaped salt lamps which create a feel of natural enlightenment, relaxation and coziness.


So, visit Himalayan Decor international to get a wide range of Himalayan salt lamp designs which are available to serve your requirements. Our products truly match with your needs and budget.


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