Incredible Himalayan Salt Benefits

The processed and bleached table salt is been used as regular salt in our routine intake, but do we ever realize that what’s the fact behind this essential ingredient of our food! Indeed, there’s a dire need to look upon the difference between processed and natural salt to improve our health. That’s why Himalayan Decor International is addressing the Himalayan salt benefits. Moreover, the real Himalayan salt lamp is a treasure of health benefits, decor and soft glow which is a reservoir of advantages. Here’s a glimpse of Himalayan salt benefits; if you alternate your regular salt with it and also make it a part of your home interior.

  • Himalayan salt nutritions are rich having 84 essential minerals in it with a beneficial balance of potassium and sodium
  • Himalayan salt benefits for blood pressure are also amazing, as it’s unlike the processed table salt. It contains a balanced ratio of nutrients which minimizes the risk of high blood pressure and heart diseases
  • Himalayan salt benefits for face and skin are related to the pink salt intoxication quality which hydrates the skin and helps it look fresher
  • The hygroscopic process releases negative ions from salt lamps which effectively deodorize and purify the air from dust, pollutants and pollen particles
  • Real Himalayan salt therapy lamp with negative ionization also play treating role against respiratory, seasonal mood swings and mental stress issues

Famous Physicians Who Prove the Himalayan Salt Benefits

Himalayan Decor International is quoting the work of some of the world’s famous physicians who researched and got ultimate results which authenticate the use of Himalayan salt in our daily life. Let’s check out some wonderful facts by these doctors:

  • Dr. Josh Axe

Dr. Josh Axe, DC, DNM, CNS, is a doctor of chiropractic, certified doctor of natural medicine and clinical nutritionist. He has a passion to promote a healthy lifestyle among masses. Dr. Axe owns one of the world’s largest website on a niche of natural health in which he introduces healthy eating and natural home remedies based on his certified research work.

He has also done a tremendous work on Himalayan rock salt and found it a treasure of health benefits. Take a look of his advocated Himalayan salt benefits.

  • Dr. OZ

Another famous physician, Dr. OZ is privileged for serving the people with his health magazine and blog. Talking about Himalayan salt nutrition, he has strongly referred the Himalayan salt as one of the best treatment for respiratory ailments.   

  • Dr. Mercola

Dr. Joseph Michael Mercola is an alternative medicine proponent, osteopathic physician, and web entrepreneur. Through his website, Dr. Mercola introduces various inventory natural medicines, controversial dietary supplements, and medical advice.

He has beautifully addressed the misconceptions about using the salt and also recommended the safer side of adding Himalayan salt in your routine life by highlighting the health benefits of salt lamps and Himalayan salt nutritions.