health benefits of salt lamps

No doubt, there is a treasure trove of health benefits if we use Himalayan rock salt lamps and other salt products in our home. But here we tend to present some views by health experts to more prominent the value of Himalayan rock salt in human life

By Dr. OZ from US: Dr. OZ says while emphasizing to use Himalayan salt products in your home that this Himalayan salt is a worldwide anti-septic agent. It’s amazing to remove the pollutants from the air and odor too.

By Dr. Josh Axe from US: A public figure Dr. Axe encourages the masses to use Himalayan salt products. He said that Himalayan salt lamps have a quality of hygroscopy, thus they purify air, reduce allergies and asthma symptoms, boost energy, better the sleep and mood.

According to lung institutes: Several lung institutes across the world revealed many benefits of using Himalayan salt in any form. Their studies conducted a keen research which proves that the salt is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and reduces IgE level (immune system oversensitivity).

Research by clinical students: According to a study, the team of the clinical students in different countries has demonstrated that the Himalayan salt is helping to cure in following cases:

  1. 35% mild asthma cases
  2. 75% sever asthma cases
  3. 97% chronic bronchitis, bronchiectasis and cystic fibrosis cases

Clinical research in Florida: During recent years in Florida, a research about Himalayan rock salt has revealed that it plays an important role to improve the function of respiratory system. As well as it has a strong influence on maintaining the mental health.


Hence, all the conducted researches, studies and expert’s views are indicating almost the similar facts and truly inspiring to use Himalayan salt products in your home and workplace.

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