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As science has proven that hygroscopic process of Himalayan salt lamps involves lots of environmental and health benefits. But what should be the best points at home and office to get their maximum benefits? Here’s all about that:



  • In Bedroom


Medically it’s proved that negative ions of salt lamps generate positive effect for body when they enter blood stream. Negative ions regulates the sleep cycle and relax the stressed muscles. That’s why it’s highly recommended to place a beautiful Himalayan salt lamp on your bedside table. Thus, you may better enjoy a sound sleep.



  • On your Office Table


Science adds to our knowledge that electronic devices release electromagnetic radiations which are harmful for users as we daily use cell phones, computers, laptops, television etc. As it has became almost impossible to avoid the electromagnetic rays but we can definitely cut down their effects.

While working on your system, you may enjoy the soothing light of Himalayan salt lamp and also reduce the impact of electronics by the beneficial negative ions generation of salt lamps. So, insert it on or near your working table.



  • In Spa Room


A spa is a place to get rid of your muscle and mind stress. A professional spa contains maximum accessories to fulfill the requirement. So, why not add a Himalayan salt lamp in spa and even meditation room. Not just the soft light is enough to create a meditation effect there but also its negative ions contributes well to ease your stress.



  • In Living area


If you’re thinking to arrange a decor for living area then what’s better than uniquely designed salt lamp? It’s to redefine the grace of interior and here it can pass its negative ions to the entire area of home.



  • Near Windows


Dust and pollutants have become a part of urban life. Doors and windows are the main source to let these contaminants enter home. But if we place a combater in form of salt lamp in window, it can benefit against environmental issues.



  • Where you sit the most


Try to have Himalayan salt lamp at that place which is most used by family members. Thus, they can get its advantages closely. Moreover, it reduces the suffocation of any boxy and crowded space.


  1. In patient’s room

Patients with respiratory diseases and else actually desires some natural sources to soothe their illness. It can be best hospitality gift for visiting any patient which can rejoice and deodorize their room.



  • In nursery room


Along with must have accessories in a nursery room, this Himalayan salt lamp also should be a part of interior. Especially for newly born babies, a rock salt lamp is natural fighter against the germs/harmful particles into the air.


Although, experts supports the benefits attained by Himalayan rock salt lamps but it’s a clear statement by them; a natural healer and remedy take time and emphasize on regular use to experience good outcomes. So, it’s highly suggested to use natural Himalayan salt regularly in our life.

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