Border Terriers typically live for between 12 and 15 years, however, with the advances in veterinary care, many are now known to live well into their late teens. On average, a healthy Border Terrier should be expected to live for around 13 or 14 years of age. These dogs weigh between 11 and 16 pounds on average, so they’re definitely not the biggest dogs out there. They are extremely active and love going on long walks and playing fetch. These little pups are quite intelligent as well and can learn new commands quickly when given proper instruction. Because of their small size compared to larger breeds, these dogs generally have less major health problems that require trips to the vet over their lifetime as well as shorter life spans overall.


Border Terriers are one of the smartest and most active terrier breeds. They love to exercise and dig, live long happy lives with their owners, and are loyal and loving pets. But just how old do Border Terriers typically live? The answer is highly dependent on a variety of factors including diet, level of exercise, overall health, and genetics. Generally speaking though, Border Terriers can live between 13 and 16 years when properly taken care of by responsible pet owners.

Compared to many other breeds that flea collar safe for kittens tend to have shorter lifespans (like the Chihuahua), Border Terriers are considered to be relatively long-lived dogs. This makes them ideal companions for those who want a dog that will be a part of their family for many years! Of course, providing the best diet and exercise routine possible from an early age is key in extending the life expectancy of your Border Terrier pup.

Average Lifespan of a Border Terrier

The average life expectancy of a Border Terrier is between 12-15 years. This is a good lifespan for a small-medium sized dog and should give an owner plenty of time to bond with, train, and play with their pet.

Border Terriers are generally known as being active, energetic, and full of life. As such they need regular exercise, exposure to the outdoors, and plenty of mental stimulation in order to stay healthy and content. A diet that is rich in nutrients, minerals, and other nutrients is important for keeping a Border Terrier’s body healthy and strong. Routine physical exams from your vet will help you keep them in tip-top shape for years to come too!

By providing a balanced diet with high quality food and regular walks or outdoor activities paired with mental stimulation can help ensure that your Border Terrier has the long life it deserves!

Health Factors that Play a Role in a Border Terrier’s Lifespan

It’s not just genetics that determine how old a Border Terrier might live. Health plays a significant role in how long they can enjoy life. If you want to give your pup every chance to grow old with you, then pay attention to the following elements of their health:

Nutrition: Proper nutrition is essential for any dog, including the Border Terrier. A balanced diet will provide them with the proteins and vitamins they need to stay healthy.

Exercise: Exercise keeps dogs happy and healthy, plus it helps prevent obesity. Give your pup plenty of opportunities to run around, whether it’s on walks or playing fetch indoors.

Healthcare: Don’t forget about regular trips to the vet for checkups and vaccinations as well as preventive treatments like flea and tick prevention or heartworm prevention tablets. Keeping your pup up-to-date on these basics will make a big difference in their longevity!

Ways to Increase Your Border Terrier’s Lifespan

One of the best ways to increase your border terrier’s lifespan is through proper nutrition. It is important to provide your pet with quality food that includes nutritious ingredients such as lean protein, healthy fats, and fiber-rich carbohydrates. Make sure to consult with your vet about the specific dietary needs of your pet before making any major changes to their diet.

Being active is also a great way for Border Terriers to maintain good health and extend their lifespan. Exercise helps promote a healthy digestive system, can boost hormone production, help strengthen muscles, and improve overall well-being. Look for age-appropriate activities that you can do together such as walking, jogging, fetching objects, and regular playing sessions with toys.

It’s also important for Border Terriers to see the vet regularly for checkups. The earlier any medical issues are caught and treated, the longer your pet will be able to enjoy a healthier life. Be sure to stay on top of shots and other necessary treatments that keep diseases away. Additionally, always keep an eye out for any signs of illness so you can start treatment right away if needed.


The average age that a Border Terrier will live to is approximately 12-15 years old. This of course can vary depending on several factors such as diet, lifestyle and general health. Therefore, it’s important to ensure your Border Terrier adopts an appropriate diet and receives regular checkups from the vet. Additionally, access to outdoor space where they can run and play is essential for keeping Border Terriers happy and healthy. With proper care and attention, your Border Terrier should be able to enjoy its life for many years to come!